Mission Statement

The mission of the Council of International Fashion Designers is to enable talented international designers and brands to establish a business foothold in the United States for profitable growth.

The CIFD is a member supported organization committed to providing unparalleled access to information, resources and guidelines on how to compete in the American market.

The CIFD also works to advance the status of fashion design as a branch of art and culture, to raise artistic and professional standards, to promote ethical practices within the industry and to promote an appreciation of fashion design as an international and creative form of art through leadership and quality programming for its members.

About the CIFD

As a business portal, the CIFD with its strategic partners and business alliances are committed to nurturing the development of international designers and brands through educational initiatives and provide support and trusted resources for them to flourish in the American market.

The CIFD's main objective is to streamline information and resources for its members in market entry, legal, banking, taxes, importing and United States customs operations, funding options, branding, trends forecasting, sales resources, business opportunities and to teach an understanding of American business etiquette and how to merchandise, promote and sell your products in the U.S. market.


The Council of International Fashion Designers membership base consists of emerging and established fashion, jewelry and accessories designers and brands, fashion retailers, universities, international trade offices and related industry professionals. All applicants are reviewed by the Board of Advisors for acceptance into the organization.

Education and Professional Development

CIFD works to support education and professional development initiatives for the international fashion community and to streamline and inform its members of the ever changing and fast paced world of fashion, legal and customs requirements, networking and business opportunities within the American fashion industry.

The CIFD will host the 2016 Fashion Summit in Miami, Florida featuring live interactive workshops, seminars and master classes with top executives in the American fashion and business industries.